Wednesday, August 29, 2012

June Marlowe.

Today, I'm talking about my favorite teacher, June Marlowe aka Ms. Crabtree. (I'm on a Little Rascals obsession lately..)

June was born as Gisela Goetten in St. Could Minnesota (Whoop whoop!!) November 6th, 1903, to mother Hedwig and father John. She was the oldest of five children.

As a child, June loved the movies, she would even imitate Theda Bara. When June was in her teens the family moved to the "big city" Minneapolis. June stated once that Minneapolis was "the most beautiful city in the world". 

June got a role in a film called, "Kitty Reid", when she became June Marlowe, the lady of Hollywood.

Harry Carr recommended June to Jack Warner, of The Warner Brothers. Jack was very impressed with June, offering her a contract with his studio. It wasn't long before June started making plenty of more films.

Even though June starred in a number of films, she is mostly remembered as Ms. Crabtree from Our Gang, aka, The Little Rascals. When I was a child, I remember my mom buying a VHS tape of Our Gang, containing three different episodes, one with June in it. I would rewind the tape over and over again just to watch her, I was so fascinated with her.  I'm surprised the tape never broke on me..

What wasn't to love about June as Ms. Crabtree?? She was the nicest teacher and the prettiest girl. I also loved Jackie Coopers crush on her-SO adorable.

June was a natural brunette, but Hal Roach decided she would be better blonde, so she wore a wig everyday on set.

June passed away on March 10th, 1984, when she was eighty years old. June rests in a family plot in San Fernado Mission Cemetery.

Even though June's not a huge part of cinema history, she is kept alive by many generations who love the Rascals series, and will be kept alive for many more.


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