About Lois.

A little about me.

My name is Lois LaRaine. I'm a burlesque performer/model and a film historian/psychic. I co-own Haunted Buffalo, located in Buffalo Minnesota. When I'm not strutting the stage or infront of a camera, I study old film stars. I prefer the Silent era over any other era because the Silent era had more secrets and scandals, possibly even more scandals than today's Hollywood. 
By a young age I was enchanted with silent films, the music, the clothing, and the actors and actresses. Two celebrities that caught my eye in particular, were the two silent stars I've been researching for years, Jack Pickford and Olive Thomas. They had a bond and a special spark that drew me to them. I wanted to be like Olive and have a husband like Jack, (who doesn't!). To this day, I still enjoy watching their films and seeing their pictures.
I've worked on many cold cases in Minnesota and I've re-opened The Black Dahlia case.
I enjoy reading biographies and studying all of my favorite people!
I love my job and I love silent movies! That's really all there is to know about me.
Feel free to comment or email me! I love meeting new people and talking about anything Vintage.

- Lois XOXO

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