About Played in Silence.

They Played In Silence is a book written by me about Silent movie stars Jack Pickford and Olive Thomas. It's part biography and part historical research and study. Since I began this book/project, I made it my goal to find out all of my questions about Olive and Jack's relationship. 

I'm captivated by Jack and Olive because they have an air of mystery around them, and things left unfilled from their lives. Olive died before ever really telling people her life story, Jack would never talk about himself, their haunting. That leaves things to our own imagination, most of the stuff written and published about them are untrue, because people don't know any better. There's not really anything about them that's really them in public. That's why I started this blog and wrote a book about them, to release the true story.

You may also see other sites/videos from me entitled The Olive Thomas Project.

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